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[Tendencies and results in rectal cancer treatment]

Cancer incidence and mortality patterns in Europe: Estimates for 40 countries and 25 major cancers in Eur J Cancer Internet. Gastroenterology Internet.

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CA Cancer J Clin. J Bowel cancer que es Cancer Internet. Discharge outcomes among elderly patients undergoing emergency abdominal surgery: registry study of discharge data from Irish public hospitals.

Aggressive variants of prostate cancer - Are we ready bowel cancer que es apply specific treatment right now? Cancer Treat Rev. In most cases, prostate cancer essentially depends on androgen receptor signaling axis, even in castration-resistant setting, and hence may be targeted by second generation hormonal therapy. However, a subset of patients bears androgen-independent cancer biology with a short-term response to hormonal treatment, early and extensive visceral metastases, low PSA levels and poor outcomes. Identification and specific management of these rapidly fatal malignancies is of an unmet medical need since their classification and utilized therapeutic regimens vary significantly.

BMC Geriatr. Post-discharge complications in frail older patients after surgery for colorectal cancer.

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Eur J Surg Oncol Bowel cancer que es. Curr Colorectal Cancer Rep. Sci Rep Internet. Risk of discharge to postacute care: A patient-centered outcome for the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program surgical risk calculator.

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JAMA Surg. Role of quality measurement in inappropriate use of screening for colorectal cancer: Retrospective cohort study, BMJ. Damle RN, Alavi K. Risk factors for d readmission after colorectal surgery: A systematic review.

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J Surg Res Internet. Romania: Health System Review. Health Syst Transit Internet.

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Knowledge of colorectal cancer risk factors and screening recommendations: A crosssectional study of regional Australian general practice patients. Public Heal Res Pract.

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Ommundsen N, et al. Post-discharge complications in frail older patients after surgery for colorectal cancer, Eur J Surg Oncol.

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Enhanced recovery program in colorectal surgery: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. World J Surg. Accelerated enhanced Recovery following Minimally invasive colorectal cancer surgery RecoverMI : A study protocol for a novel randomised controlled trial.

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BMJ Open. Pucciarelli S, et al.

There are five main types of small bowel cancer: Există cinci tipuri principale de cancer intestinal : While the cause of most small bowel cancers is not understood, some individuals with non-cancerous bowel conditions may have a higher risk of developing small bowel cancer. Cauza majorității cancerelor intestinului subțire nu este cunoscută, dar unii pacienți cu afecțiuni intestinale necanceroase pot avea un risc mai mare de a dezvolta cancer intestinal. But around 5 in people will get bowel cancer, anyway, in their lifetime. Dar în jur de 5 la de oameni va face cancer de colonoricum, în timpul vieții lor. I'm a year-old pregnant single woman with bowel cancer.

In-hospital mortality, day readmission, and length of hospital stay after surgery for primary colorectal cancer: A national population-based study, Eur J Surg Oncol. Postdischarge occurrences after colorectal surgery happen early and are associated with dramatically increased rates of readmission.

Dis Colon Rectum.