Virusi jun 2021

The spread of the virus had a relatively slow evolution in March, the highest daily increase being reported on November However, given than at that time the number of coronavirus cases was severely impacting Spain and Italy, the Romanian authorities reacted promptly.

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As a result, an emergency regime was decreed by the Virusi jun 2021 of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, starting on March Since May 17, the emergency regime has been replaced with a state of alert. COVID spread in Romania Because of the lack of proper medical equipment in the beginning of the pandemic in Romania, the coronavirus started spreading in Suceava via hospitals and medical virusi jun 2021, making at that time Suceava the city with the highest number of infectionsfollowed by Bucharest.

As a consequence of the emergency regime and of the rising number of cases, people could only leave their houses under restrictive conditions and for limited virusi jun 2021.

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Moreover, people above 65 years old had a specific time virusi jun 2021 in which they could leave their houses. He constantly encouraged people to stay home, kept the population updated and underlined the need for restrictive measures.

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At the same time, the Romanian army remained the most trusted institution not only during the coronavirus epidemic, but also in general.