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Research objectives were: 1 analysis of perception in terms of emotional stress, uncertainty and benefits of genetic testing of patients with genetic risk of cancer compared with patients without genetic risk and genetic risk healthy individuals in the context of family history of cancer; 2 to analyze the extent to which perception of genetic testing relates cancer or genetic the way in which patitents with genetic risk cope with negative events such as diagnosis, by adopting certain cognitive-behavioral coping and emotional strategies; 3 to analyze how genetic testing depends on the perception of socio-demographic variables gender, age, educationage at diagnosis, length of cancer or genetic since diagnosis.

negi genitale și eroziune

The analysis of perception regarding genetic tests shows that patients with cancer or genetic risk of cancer perceive more benefits and positive experiences of genetic testing compared to other subjects included in the study.

Healthy subjects with genetic risk of cancer appreciated in the lowest rate the genetic testing as generating positive experiences and benefits.

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Addressing the bio-psycho-social oncology genetic aspects could determine a better understanding of how genetic information can contribute to the adoption of healthy behaviors with a positive impact on public health. Keywords: cognitive-behavioral adjustment ; cancer ; genetics ; family history search for similar items in EconPapers JEL-codes: A23 search for similar items in EconPapers Date:

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